The Quinby Vintage Customer

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Quinby Vintage sells over-the-top, impossible-to-miss vintage clothing to a wide variety of customers who know there's no such thing as "too much," including:

  • Anyone and Everyone Who Loves to Make A Statement
  • Fans of the Retro Lifestyle
  • Pin-ups of the Amateur and Professional Varieties
  • Actors, Comedians, Writers, and Anyone Else With a Day Job
  • Instagram Models and “Instagram Models”
  • People Who Love Attention
  • Musicians In Need of Stagewear
  • Costume Designers
  • Drag Queens and Drag Kings
  • The Queer/Gender Nonconforming Community
  • MILFs and other Ageless Beauties
  • People Who Cry During Old Movies
  • Anyone Looking to Outshine Their Rival at an Event
  • Bartenders Who Want to Earn Extra Tips
  • Fashion Bloggers
  • Vintage Collectors
  • High-Functioning Shopping Addicts
  • Adult Entertainers
  • International Customers (Outside the U.S.)
  • Businesspeople and Bossbitches
  • Witches and People Going Through a “Crystal Phase” Right Now
  • Other Vintage Dealers
  • Clothing Designers
  • Makeup Artists
  • Teenagers Who Hate Their Parents
  • Parents Who Hate Their Teenagers
  • Brides and Grooms
  • Individuals Trying to Get Over a Breakup
  • People Who Start Happy Hour Right at 5:00 PM Everyday
  • Grandparents Who Don’t Give a Shit What You Think
  • People With Big Dreams and Small Bank Accounts
  • People With Small Dreams and Big Bank Accounts
  • Small Town Girls Living in a Lonely World
  • You

Check out our gallery below to see some of our fabulous customers in action, and follow us on Instagram at @quinbyvintage to see even more.