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Where do Quinby Vintage items come from? 

Quinby Vintage items come from all over the world, have shined throughout many decades, and have been worn and enjoyed by one individual or by many more. They’ve seen glamorous dinner parties, lonely nights in, first dates and last dates, and best of all, have even been privy to secret rendezvous. Each garment has its own unique history, and at Quinby Vintage, we believe in celebrating the stories that clothes tell — both in the past and in the future.

Whenever possible, I always make a point to get to know the history of each unique piece and the designer behind it to share with its future owner.

I buy internationally, within New York and the surrounding areas, from small-town estate sales, other people’s closets, from stumbled-upon flea markets, from collectors and fellow vintage fanatics, online and offline, and I occasionally even put clothing of my own up for grabs.

Do you sell on Instagram? 

Yes, we do sell our vintage clothing on Instagram. Our followers are often granted early access to some of our most special pieces and receive news about flash sales. 

We suggest giving us a follow at @quinbyvintage to stay in-the-know. 

What is your shipping policy?

Standard domestic shipping (within the United States) is offered to our customers for a flat rate of $7.00. Should you need your items in the more immediate future, please contact me directly at quinbyvintage@gmail.com or on social media at @quinbyvintage and I will happily work something out.

International clients (always some of my favorites) will be charged according to their location and the size/weight of their purchases. I make every effort to ensure that shipping prices do not deter potential buyers.

I live in New York City or will be traveling there soon. Can I set up a private buying appointment with you?

Absolutely. Please contact me directly via email at quinbyvintage@gmail.com to proceed. 

What I bought doesn’t fit or look like I hoped it would. Can I get a refund?

This happens to even the most seasoned of vintage shoppers, and I know firsthand how frustrating it can be! As vintage clothing sizing is quite different from today’s modern sizing, I include specific measurements beyond the arbitrary S,M,L and beyond. Please refer to this wonderful measuring guide to assist you with understanding measurements,. Measure yourself accordingly, and compare the numbers with what's listed in the item description.

As of this writing, I am not able to offer refunds — but I am usually more than happy to discuss the option of store credit, provided the original item is shipped back to me at the buyer's cost. You are also free to list the item for sale on your own Instagram account, or sell it to a vintage lover you know that it’s a better fit for.

I am a collector. Can I sell to you? 

What an honor to be thought of as a worthy home for your vintage pieces. 

If you're looking to sell vintage clothes to a buyer in New York City or elsewhere, Quinby Vintage is more than happy to speak with you and discuss the possibility of a private buying appointment.

We recognize that in many cases, the reasons for selling a collection of beloved vintage clothing are deeply personal. Your privacy and the history of the original owner of the pieces will be respected. 

If possible, we urge you to have a look at some of the pieces on our site to ensure that the items you have are a good fit for our unique style and customer base. 

Please contact us at quinbyvintage@gmail.com to schedule a buying appointment.

I have a piece of clothing that I would like to donate for sale, with profits benefitting the cause of my choice. What should I do?

Certain items of vintage clothing carry a political message or make a statement regarding human rights and equality. 

Quinby Vintage is happy to receive a donation of a singular piece of your politically-minded clothing for sale in our shop

If we buy these pieces ourselves, we donate a portion of the profits from these pieces of clothing to a cause we believe in. If someone donates us one of these pieces, we are able to give 100% of the proceeds from the sale to the cause of your choice -- provided it is in line with the standards and beliefs of Quinby Vintage and our customers. 

Please send photos of the item you have to us first to quinbyvintage@gmail.com for approval, along with a brief description of the cause you want to support. We appreciate you thinking of us. 

Please note: Any clothing containing containing hate symbols or hate speech will be taken and promptly burned, run over, and/or reported to the appropriate authorities if necessary. A donation benefiting the group your hate was directed towards will then be publicly made in your name.  

Can I get a discount?

This is one of the most common questions in the vintage industry, and for sellers, one of the most frustrating. Items are priced according to condition, age, relevance to current fashion trends, by designer, and by desirability. Please keep in mind that you’re not simply being charged for the cost of the garment itself. Prices include travel to and from buying trips, the dealer price we were able to secure, research conducted on the value of the piece, the hours spent hunting so that you can have the perfect vintage item, cleaning, and the ability for us to be able to keep the shop running in the future. In short: the numbers on the tags of full-priced items are firm.

That being said, we believe vintage should be accessible to everyone. We love to host surprise sales, flash sales, and of course, seasonal vintage sales (my personal favorite time to shop.)

Affordable vintage clothing is a basic human right.