This Fall, Beat Fashion Inflation The Vintage Way

Like everyone with an interest in fashion, you pay attention to the latest trends and check in with Fashion Weeks around the globe to see what your favorite designers are up to this season. 

Fall is perhaps fashion's most important season, as it brings with it the chance to layer difference pieces, mix different fabrics and prints, and to accessorize with hats, scarves, gloves, and anything else you'd like. 

However, fashion inflation -- especially when it comes to designer clothing -- is all too real. 

These sky-high prices aren't about quality: they're all about exclusivity. 

Think about the recent rise in logos on clothing (Gucci tees, Balenciaga's $3500 branded faux fur coat) we've also seen lately. 

Sure, the decision to plaster every conceivable (and inconceivable) piece of clothing with a logo and brand name is about "name recognition." But more so, these clothes giver buyers/wearers the chance to shout their economic status -- or at least, the amount of money they're willing to spend on clothing -- to the world. 

Clearly, not everyone can afford to drop a month's rent on a Balenciaga coat -- and that's the idea. 

If fashion becomes too accessible, these brands lose their exclusivity. This means they'll lose celebrity endorsements, their value, and risk having their overall brand cheapened. 

Fast fashion attempts to provide a "solution" to this by allowing the less-loaded (or simply more fiscally sensible) to buy blatant knockoffs of this high-end designer clothing. 

Not only does this mean more human rights abuses, environmental impact, but it also means more of people wearing the same thing, less expression, and a loss of creativity. 

Vintage fashion allows you to interpret the trends in your own way, showing that you're "with the times" without looking like everyone else, ruining your credit, or living with the fact that a 12-year-old made your clothing. 

That's why this season, we've hand-picked pieces that reflect the trends, but don't blindly imitate them. 

Let's take a look at how we've interpreted some of Fall 2019's hottest trends now. 

Consider this the first of many "The Runway Way to the Quinby Vintage Way" posts of the season, as we can't possibly cover all the trends in one go!

1. Purple

Move over, Millennial Pink (thank God) because every shade of purple is about to start its runway reign. 

The Runway Way

purple trend fall 2019

Sally LaPointe

kate spade

Kate Spade 

christian sirianoChristian Siriano 

The Quinby Vintage Way

purple B Altman

A curve-hugging B. Altman Knit Lilac Dress

Oscar de la Renta

A show-stopping mid-80s purple taffeta skirt from Miss D by Oscar de la Renta

Purple top

This wild 70s top from our Fal Campaign perfectly encapsulates all things purple. Prince would be proud. 


2. Power Suits and the 1980s

No piece of clothing represents the 1980s as well as the classic Power Suit. In today's political climate, the pantsuit has taken on a wide variety of meanings, but to me, it will always represent female empowerment.

It's the ideal way to combine two of fall's biggest trends:

Suiting for women and the 1980s.

As someone who enjoys gender-bending fashion style, the excitement of wearing a suit (men's or women's) is always something I enjoy. 

Don't be put off by boxy silhouettes and shoulder pads. 

While we love them, if they're too much for you, head to the tailor or throw on a belt. (Belted suits are especially big this fall.) Cut out the shoulder pads, too. Whatever makes you feel great!

The Runway



Dries Van Noten

Dries van Noten

Olivier Theyskens

Olivier Theyskens

The Quinby Vintage Way

power suitsA variety of offerings from our shop

men's jacket

Never be afraid of wearing all menswear. This vintage 70s jacket and vintage 1920s pants are menswear, but we think they're more like unisex. 

YSL suit

Definitely a "Holy Grail" piece -- vintage 80s YSL skirt suit. 

3. Mad For Plaid

It's no secret that plaid is a fall/winter staple, but this season, it's truly getting the recognition it deserves. People are going for more of an "allover plaid" look instead of just a plaid skirt or blouse. 

As opposed to the standard "punk plaid" look (which we always love) this season, expect more Mod-inspired and English Tweed vibes. 

The Runway Way





Prada -- Because Chevron and Houndstooth count, too!

The Quinby Vintage Way


A stunning Adolfo Blazer

This lovely Woolrich Coat


A chic Pendleton dress


That's all the inspiration we're serving up today, but be sure to stay tuned for more updates regarding how we can help you to make the most of Fall 2019's best trends. 

These products will available for purchase online soon, but you can also DM us at @QuinbyVintage on Instagram to get them now! 

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